Creating Your Personal Brand Style

in three simple steps

Everyone Has a Personal Brand Style, Even You!

Your Personal Brand Style is a part of your visual identity, and develops in tandem with you. It is how people recognise you; your goals, your vision, and your ethos. It is the conduit to building a strong reputation within your circles – both personally and professionally. As life evolves, it is key to practice building on your Personal Brand Style – do not leave this important aspect of your visual identity up to chance!

Let’s look at three steps on how to build your Personal Brand Style...

Step 1. Identify Your Unique Style Features

Everyone has their own 'Unique Style Features'. In many instances, there are those who have it more clearly defined than others - and that's ok, we're here to help! Think of your 'Unique Style Features' as a set of defining characteristics that make your sense of style identifiable. Your 'Unique Style Features' should embody the qualities that make you who you are, and how you want to present personally and professionally. It could speak to features such as strength and romance, power and playfulness or openness and elegance.

Your style doesn't have to be one-dimensional—you're allowed to embrace all the paradoxes that make you who you are—creating consistent impact! If you're looking for inspiration, our Essentials Collection is sure to give you a great head start.

Your Style Is a Natural Extension of Your Personal Brand: The Features and Qualities That Make You, You.

The easiest way to define your Personal Brand Style is to be authentic. Embrace being you, step into your strengths and personal preferences. If you love to go bold and work with print and colour, incorporate it into your professional wardrobe and coin it as your trademark.

Become a master of Personal Branding Style, use your wardrobe to create a story around what you do and amplify who you are. Choosing the right cut and shape can influence not only how others perceive us, but also how we see ourselves.

Here at Leina & Fleur, we pride ourselves on personality, expression and empowerment of all women. With a focus on colour and print, our New Arrivals are a go-to space for your weekly dose of inspiration.

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Step 2. Build Your Work Wardrobe

A professional capsule wardrobe is defined by a go-to collection of items that you know and love. In your wardrobe, they are the key versatile pieces to have on rotation –  to wear day-in and day-out. Their purpose: giving the ultimate return on investment.

Choose classic designs over fleeting fashion and ensure the longevity of your capsule.

Begin With a Versatile Top

Whatever your work environment, there’s a certain level of refinement that comes from well-tailored pieces.
Look the part in sleek tops and jackets as comfortable as they are composed.

Choose Your Go-To Bottoms

Your career capsule essential will be a collection of high quality bottoms. These will be your foundation pieces that you can mix & match on repeat. Cementing your style type, and saving you time every day when getting ready. Say good-bye to descision fatigue and take a look at our collection of essential bottoms for some inspiration!

Step 3. Be Consistent and Wear It With Confidence

Confidence is what can help you get the life and career you want, so be sure that every piece in your wardrobe shapes and informs your personal style brand, whatever that may be. A person with a consistent brand—and by extension, style brand—appears more pulled-together and self-assured. 

A Consistent Personal Brand Is Linked to Confidence, and in All Areas of Your Life, Confidence Is Key.

Our Customers Do It Best.

Recently, our customer Jasmine shared her personal branding story with us. Loaning her favourite L&F pieces to her team members, they were able to tell a story of confidence, strength, and power, just by the way they presented themselves. 

"We felt super stylish but we also felt funky and fun, which is important to us as professionals in the creative industry".

If you want more style inspiration, make sure you head over to our Facebook Group where you can share your style with other likeminded women like Jasmine 👉🏼 L&F Style & Share or, you can shop our Essentials Collection and start building your Personal Brand Style today!

Credit to Jasmine's Photographer:
Amber Murrie from A Paperbark Story

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