Slinky-Base Jersey

Wear & care

Slinky-Base Jersey is a beautiful fabric that is smooth and cool to the touch with a distinct almost wet-like feel. It is lighter than our other jerseys and makes for a perfect choice during hotter months.

Even though it is lightweight, Slinky Jersey still provides great coverage. It has a 4-way stretch and a recovery that was designed to move with your body without clinging or losing its shape. Slinky jersey’s smooth texture means the fabric will skim over your body and can be easily worn with slips or hosiery.

It’s a great choice when creating your transeasonal capsule or looking for your next go-to summer piece.

4 Way Stretch

Eco-friendly, Leina and Fleur's natural Lyocell fabric is plant-based. Shop sustainable fashion that's made in Australia, online at

Colour Intensity

Moisture Wicking

Wrinkle Resistant

How to Care

To care for your garment, it is important to wash it on a ‘delicate’ wash cycle at a cool temperature setting. Turn your garment inside out and avoid mixing bright colours and whites in the wash. Avoid using a fabric softener, as it can encourage fibres to pill. If pilling occurs, remove gently by hand or with a de-pilling comb. To ensure the longevity of your garment and its colours, dry inside out in a shaded area.

Slinky jersey is not only easy to care for but it is also crease-resistant, which means that no ironing is required.

When caring for your garment follow the instructions on the care label.

What to look for

When wearing your garment, be aware of coarse, sharp and abrasive surfaces, for example, jewellery, hard textured seats, walls. They can cause fabric abrasions such as pilling or snagging.

How to store

Do not store jerseys on a hanger for a long period of time. Where possible, always use the hanging ribbon to support your garment.

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